SUPPLYing OF MANnequins FOR SHOPS AND tailors

The renowned Rimoldi Commerciale Italiana company has been active since 1881 not only in the city of Milan, in the hinterland and in the province, but also in the entire domestic and foreign market. The company deals with the sale of mannequins for the clothing sector:

  • Mannequins for tapestries;
  • Mannequins for clothes and costumes;
  • Mannequins for clothing stores;
  • Mannequins for display in showcases.

For information and quotes, contact the company by calling 02 58100145 or e-mailing

The features of the mannequins

All mannaquins are made by Rimoldi Commerciale Italiana, available in men and women models, made using only first-class materials, carefully assembled, and finally checked to ensure that each product fully satisfies well-defined quality criteria.

The wide range of products available at the company headquarters is designed to satisfy even the most demanding of customers; Rimoldi Commerciale Italiana produces many types of different mannequins in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Some examples of mannequins in the company catalog include:

  • Stylized mannequins;
  • Stylized woman mannequins;
  • Articulated mannequins;
  • Modular mannequins;
  • Realistic mannequins;
  • Premature mannequins;
  • Baby size mannequins;
  • Half-sleeve mannequins.

The company's technicians are able to deliver supplies for both small independent stores as well as large exhibitions of important business chains.

The advantages of a quality mannequins

The mannequins are fixed-size and allow clothing stores to showcase their clothing items for sale.

Mannequins are essential tools for dressing up and displaying a showcase: a well-made and well-dressed mannequin is perfectly able to capture and focus the attention of passersby, attracting them to the store.

Through a simulated representation, the mannequins stimulates the client's imagination, triggering the desire to try a piece of clothing on and buy it.

after-sales support

The company offers its vast clientele an efficient sales service, but also an effective after sales service for every type of product. Rimoldi Commerciale Italiana is a leading brand in the supply of tailoring and mannequin products for clothing.

The Milan company is able to supply both professional and home sewing machines, edging machines, smoothing machines, camper machines and equipment, personalized embroidery scanners and professional ironing machines in a very short time.

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