macchine da cucito professionali

To achieve optimal ironing of delicate fabrics and fabrics, which avoids folds and obvious damage, you must use professional irons, that is, products that are able to achieve impeccable ironing in record time. Professional irons are in fact instruments that provide exceptional results with every piece of clothing, including the most delicate ones. In order to get the best results you can contact the Milanese Rimoldi company, which for many years now has been selling and repairing a wide variety of professional irons all over Italy. The company operates in close contact with Berniona and other well-known brands in the industry, including Singer, Brother, Pfaff, Necchi and Strobel. Finally, the friendly and qualified staff is at our customers disposal, offering personal advice and quotations at the Porta Ticinese store in Milan.


filati speciali

The range of professional ironing machines the company offers is very wide and covers models for every need and with different characteristics, eg steam generators, energy saving irons, stainless steel irons, resistive irons made of copper, and safety thermostat irons . Rimoldi Commerciale Italiana allows you to take advantage of commercial offers and discounts on their listed prices, as well as personalized rate payments according to buyer needs, even without interest. The Rimoldi company has been active since 1881 producing and selling quality products, including fixed-size mannequins, non-stick machines, ironing machines, custom embroidery scanners, dressing machines and much more.

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