Thanks to constant technological development in the field, ordinary household sewing machines have progressively acquired professional electronic technologies, which are now increasingly used to make simple and fast seams by utilizing numerous automated and assisted features.

Located in Milan, the capital of fashion, since 1881, Rimoldi Commerciale Italiana boasts over 100 years of experience, a long and honored professional and entrepreneurial history in the sewing and apparel sector and apparel stores throughout the Lombardy region .

Over a century of experience serving you

Even today, the company offers its customers all the passion and talent with which it started, along with the experience and technological progress of more than five generations, to offer only the best products at the most competitive prices on the international market .

For any need related to the merchandise sector of sewing machines and clothing and apparel supplies, please contact Rimoldi Commerciale Italiana by calling the phone number 02 58100145 or by e-mailing us at

Consultancy for sewing machines

Within the Rimolti Commerciale Italian shop, customers are assisted in choosing the most suitable product for their needs.
The company's staff is always available to advise customers and help them choose the perfect home or professional sewing machines:

  • Machines for amateur and domestic sewing jobs,
  • Portable compact models;
  • Semi-professional Sewing machines;
  • Tailor's and laboratory machines .

All products marketed by Rimoldi Commerciale Italiana are designed and manufactured by the major Italian and international brands of sewing and tailoring, such as the famous Necchi sewing machines and those produced by the renowned Singer brand.

Sewing machine with embroidery scanner

The custom embroidery scanner is a highly innovative tool that can automatically detect drawings.
With the scanners offered by the Milanese company you can choose your favorite prints, then transfer them to different fabrics and materials.

Only through the use of these professional scanners it is possible to keep the original image unchanged and to produce impeccably sewn clothes and top quality personalized embroidery. Embroidery scanners sold by Rimoldi Commerciale Italiana allow for:

  • Embroidering a single-color and borderless design;
  • Getting the image you want from a single scan;
  • Creating light and shadow effects by changing the dot density;
  • Adjusting the light settings;
  • Splitting an image into several parts and then redrawing them.

Tailoring items

The attention to technical innovation and the use of advanced technologies make Rimoldi Commerciale Italiana one of the leading names on the market for sewing machines and tailor-made products: a guarantee of reliability and maximum satisfaction even for the most demanding customer.

The company's staff is carefully selected and consistently trained so as to increase both technical skill and motivation and workmanship. These features make the company second to none, also in the servicing that is provided, even at home, by the Milanese company.

Rimoldi Commerciale Italiana offers various tools for enthusiasts and sewing and tailoring professionals, such as fixed size mannequins, needles, bases, irons, reliable ironing machines and durable precision machines for the hemming of clothes.

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